Spinach Tortilla Lunch Wraps

grain free spinach tortilla wrapThe Lunchbox Squad rides again…. with this simple and quite portable version of our popular “Freedom From Wheat and Corn Tortilla” series.
Serves 2

One recipe of “Freedom From Wheat & Corn Tortillas” (part II)
handful of washed spinach or other greens

slow roasted shredded roast beef (grass fed)
washed, chopped lettuce
cold, pre-cooked garbanzo beans (rinsed well)
fruit-juice-sweetened dried cranberries
minced red onion
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
sea salt & pepper to taste

Follow the instructions to make the tortillas but before adjusting pouring consistency blend in the handful of spinach or kale or…

Cook per the instructions

After cooking the tortillas, place your favorite selection of fillings on top and roll up. Unless overcooked to crispy, these tortillas roll quite well with a bit more “spongy” texture than traditional – but we sure like them!

Cut the wraps in half and package for lunch—have energy all day long!

Happy Trails!
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