Stevia: Friend or Foe?

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Given the massive consumption of sugar around the world, and the now-not-debatable link with obesity, diabetes, renal failure of metabolic syndrome, and probably cancer, we still search for the Holy Grail of sweeteners: is there some sweet treat that doesn’t cause inflammation and weight gain like cane or corn sugar? Or that creates that delight without being so high calorie while providing no nutritional value? Is stevia the answer? Heck, we’ve even assumed man’s best friend needs sweet treats and begun imposing feeding them “low calorie” “diet” grain-based (that say “no empty calories”) pet foods sweetened with stevia. A type of plant native to Central and South America, Stevia … Continue reading

The Wonders of Real Maple Syrup

buckwheat pancakes with blueberries and real maple syrup health

Before I’m accused of backtracking on 50,000+ times of saying “sugar is bad,” let me just say it again: Sugar is bad. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… let me also say… not all sugars are created equal. Maple syrup health properties are very interesting. Alright, why is sugar so bad… There are some sugars that just should never, ever be consumed. Cane sugar in any form (raw, turbinado, concentrated juice, organic or otherwise…) and corn sugar (also known as high fructose corn syrup). Why? Because they create an immediate inflammatory response in the body that is … Continue reading

Genetically Modified Oranges? Get the GMO safe foods app

Coming soon: the next genetically modified (GMO) anti-food. Whether it’s your kids’ soccer snack, your breakfast beverage, or a key ingredient in your favorite smoothie, oranges and orange juice are promoted for their vitamin C and sold under the guise of nutrition. The fascinating history of this nutritionally mediocre fruit may be about to change once again. Popular oranges aren’t the nutritional hero we’ve been sold: Although touted for high levels of vitamin C—an antioxidant vitamin not made in the body but also essential for proper immune function, to absorb iron, heal wounds, and can even help prevent heart disease—the … Continue reading

Do happy people have healthier hearts?

This interesting question has some truth to it: — Granted there are many factors leading to better mood and a stronger heart – diet, exercise, sleep, etc. – but interesting research by Harvard School of Public Health shows not only does mood matter, but that we should do all we can to improve mood naturally. Better Outlook: Better Heart Health.     Harvard research fellow Julia K. Boehm, PhD evaluated over 200 studies, the largest review ever to examine the impact of a positive outlook on heart attack and stroke risk. We have seen plenty of good research showing how sadness and anxiety … Continue reading

Healthy Brain Power Snacks for Our Children

This week is Standards Based Assessment (SBAs) at our son’s elementary school. We really appreciate the reminders from our Superintendent to give our children the assets they need during these high-performance times. Great idea to reduce sugar, increase wholesome foods, eliminate video games and electronics, and bottom line let them focus. Here are a few suggestions from Our Nutrition Kitchen — Enjoy!! Goji Cacao Energy Balls Berry Nut Muffins Hummus Yum! Football Chicken Satay Baseball Beef Sticks [contact-form-7 id=”1851″ title=”Question form blog page”] Copyright © 2011. Marie Sternquist. All Rights Reserved.

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