Obesity: the making of an epidemic

It’s not just here in the US, around the world, obesity levels are rising. More people are now overweight than undernourished. In fact, you can be a normal weight, and still be over fat—still have excessive fat inside your body surrounding your organs. Why is this bad? Because the deep fat, the intra-abdominal or visceral fat as it is called—also becomes a sponge for toxic chemicals. The concentration of fat-stored toxins can be 1000’s of times higher than that circulating in your blood as demonstrated by my dear friend and colleague Dr. George Yu, a surgeon and toxicology researcher from … Continue reading

US Food Additives cause 80% of our food to be banned in other countries

Shopping for additive-free food

The story is very clear: Food additives make children hyperactive. A definitive study published in The Lancet clearly shows that food colors and preservatives (sodium benzoate) make normal children hyperactive—half of whom were age 3 and the other half ages 8/9. In my practice, I’ve seen this in many, many adults. Our nation’s love of easy, cheap and fast is unique. It isn’t done this way in most other places. In fact 80% of pre-packaged foods sold in the United States are actually banned in other nations. And for good reason. Whether it’s toxic soda brands like Mountain Dew, or sugary … Continue reading

Genetically Modified Oranges? Get the GMO safe foods app

Coming soon: the next genetically modified (GMO) anti-food. Whether it’s your kids’ soccer snack, your breakfast beverage, or a key ingredient in your favorite smoothie, oranges and orange juice are promoted for their vitamin C and sold under the guise of nutrition. The fascinating history of this nutritionally mediocre fruit may be about to change once again. Popular oranges aren’t the nutritional hero we’ve been sold: Although touted for high levels of vitamin C—an antioxidant vitamin not made in the body but also essential for proper immune function, to absorb iron, heal wounds, and can even help prevent heart disease—the … Continue reading

Support GMO labeling

Greetings readers! I think most of us understand that GMOs are bad news because of the toxic chemicals (weed killing and insect killing, usually) engineered into those plants–or perhaps because we know that this is done at a sacrifice to nutrient quantity/quality and to allow cheap “filler” food in packaged goods. But if anyone is wondering why GMO labeling laws do not pass where grassroots, people-driven movements have requested labeling and for decades, check out this report:  http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_28562.cfm  The anti-GMO-labeling group is required by law to publicly disclose its over $7 million in donations from the food industry–but instead set … Continue reading

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