Soaring health insurance costs? Four strategies to lessen the pain.

With health insurance costs through the roof, read on for ways to lower your premiums. Mike came to see me, near tears. He’s had to pull money from what he’d hoped to save for his daughter’s college to cover his $1500/month family health insurance premiums now required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Sarah was enraged—“I’m 23, very healthy, I work hard, my premium skyrocketed 78 percent in one year!” Over a decade ago I had to get my own health insurance—I stepped off the corporate treadmill and again had my own family business. At that time, ObamaCare didn’t exist; there … Continue reading

Solving the weight loss puzzle

solve obesity, weight loss, hormone imbalance

Solving the weight loss puzzle There are so many different diet and exercise plans to help us lose weight—almost a new one every day. Why? Because none of them actually work. Think about it. While there are certainly healthy ways to achieve your weight goals—the trick is to optimize your metabolism, the rate at which your body burns fuel—being overweight is a symptom. It takes more to address this than the one-size-fits-all programs you can read in a book or accomplish in a few weeks with some nutrishakes or low-calorie foods. Weight loss can’t be packaged and sold for cheap in bulk to the masses—with all … Continue reading

Do happy people have healthier hearts?

This interesting question has some truth to it: — Granted there are many factors leading to better mood and a stronger heart – diet, exercise, sleep, etc. – but interesting research by Harvard School of Public Health shows not only does mood matter, but that we should do all we can to improve mood naturally. Better Outlook: Better Heart Health.     Harvard research fellow Julia K. Boehm, PhD evaluated over 200 studies, the largest review ever to examine the impact of a positive outlook on heart attack and stroke risk. We have seen plenty of good research showing how sadness and anxiety … Continue reading

Don’t be fooled by Atlantic salmon, Alaska wild caught is hands-down better!

According to the stick in my back yard, we are now down to just over two feet of snow remaining. So we must be close to fishing season and barbeque season–you’re following my logic, right? I love those days in the great Alaska sunshine, the breeze in my hair, and the fish are running. I love stocking my freezer with wild salmon: kings, silvers, reds… And this handful of recipes is sure to please: Pine Nut & Basil Encrusted Salmon Grilled Jamaican Jerk Salmon Southern Alaska Salmon Cakes Just please don’t use farmed fish. Here in Alaska, where wild salmon … Continue reading

Greetings Healthy Friends! Healing with whole food.

Why I started this whole food nutrition and recipe resource Perhaps at no time in history have Americans eaten so poorly and had so many health issues while at the same time being bombarded by messages to have more of this or that and less of the other—always for health reasons, it seems. Unfortunately, most of today’s consumption nutrition decisions are driven by corporate marketing and not by sound nutrition advice. The scales have tipped. We out of balance and we are paying for this with our health, quality of life and enormous medical costs.Our bodies must be given what they uniquely need to support life, health, and maintain … Continue reading

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