My child can’t behave: 10 tips to handle the food additive connection.

During the 1970s the headlines read: food additives drug children—and result in drugging children, researchers say. But this wasn’t enough to convince health policy or medical professionals, creating a confusion for parents. During the 1980s headlines read: New research shows possible link between food additives and hyperactivity. During the 1990s we put a name on it: Possible ADHD link with food dyes and additives according to new research. And so it goes… Except none of it is “headline” news given Theron Randolf published her observations “Allergy as a causative factor of fatigue, irritability, and behavior problems in children” in the Journal of … Continue reading

Fuel for Athletic Performance: natural sports drink power.

I originally wrote this as a letter to my son’s football team—teammates and parents asked me why “the second half bust”: fatigue. Truly, this applies to everyone looking to have athletic energy and reduce fat. All those sugary Gatorade drinks and sweet game treats are literally killing athletic performance–and ability to burn fat for fuel. Switch to natural sports drinks and the correct game prep plans. Electrolytes are only part of the story… And the team? Currently #1. Want some help with ideas? Check out this site’s fabulous and “kid-tested” recipes including the now-famous “Football Chicken Satay.” Dear Wolverines, you R-O-C-K! … Continue reading

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