US Food Additives cause 80% of our food to be banned in other countries

Shopping for additive-free food

The story is very clear: Food additives make children hyperactive. A definitive study published in The Lancet clearly shows that food colors and preservatives (sodium benzoate) make normal children hyperactive—half of whom were age 3 and the other half ages 8/9. In my practice, I’ve seen this in many, many adults. Our nation’s love of easy, cheap and fast is unique. It isn’t done this way in most other places. In fact 80% of pre-packaged foods sold in the United States are actually banned in other nations. And for good reason. Whether it’s toxic soda brands like Mountain Dew, or sugary … Continue reading

Sunscreen & Bug Spray—Oh My!

Summer is just far too short! It is that rare time when we Alaskans get to slather on the sunscreen and bug repellent and … hold the presses! Sunscreen and bug repellent?! Sure, I understand the evening mosquito warfare problem; and getting some summer sunlight is pretty important, but isn’t there a better way? Before it’s too late, let’s take apart the Vitamin D, sunlight and bug spray myths once and for all: Myth #1. Sun exposure is bad for you. Truth #1: Direct sunshine is healthy. Although overdoing it and burning your skin is most definitely a bad idea … Continue reading

Support GMO labeling

Greetings readers! I think most of us understand that GMOs are bad news because of the toxic chemicals (weed killing and insect killing, usually) engineered into those plants–or perhaps because we know that this is done at a sacrifice to nutrient quantity/quality and to allow cheap “filler” food in packaged goods. But if anyone is wondering why GMO labeling laws do not pass where grassroots, people-driven movements have requested labeling and for decades, check out this report:  The anti-GMO-labeling group is required by law to publicly disclose its over $7 million in donations from the food industry–but instead set … Continue reading

Tips for Safer Non-Toxic Cosmetics

My own personal research into the effects of chemicals on our health–decades of research into methods to effectively remove chemicals from our bodies, and thereby restore health–has only strengthened my resolve to find pure, effective, non-toxic cosmetics that are a good value for money. I’m tired of seeing $50 price tags on 2oz of “night serum” or “daily moisturizer” made from cheap and harmful chemicals just put in a pretty wrapper. Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. government doesn’t regulate cosmetics for safety, long-term health impacts or environmental damage. Many common cosmetics ingredients are harmful to people and the environment.  … Continue reading

“safe” GMOs increase cancer rates and death!

Although many of us take steps to avoid genetically modified foods if we can (labeling would be nice); there are three major uses of GMO products that slip under the radar: Pet food “Vitamin” supplements non-organic grain fed meats and eggs Major supplement companies use GMO sources: Did you know that most “Vitamin C” (called that, isn’t the whole complex though–usually just ascorbic acid part which doesn’t work alone), did you know most Ascorbic Acid (labelled “vitamin C”) is made from corn? And did you know that in the US 88% of all corn is GMO? Buying whole food organic supplements … Continue reading

What you really need to do about radiation…

While it is true that several United States EPA air monitors, including Anchorage, are now detecting above normal radioactive iodine levels following the Fukushima nuclear plant incident in Japan, these levels are still far below the levels of public health concern and we do not expect harmful levels of radiation in our state. For a full map of detection sites and reports please visit here: ( As explained in an earlier report, taking iodine as a preventive measure is not a wise choice and can cause serious health problems, even though some fear-driven reporting has recommended doing so. Not to … Continue reading

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