What you really need to do about radiation…

While it is true that several United States EPA air monitors, including Anchorage, are now detecting above normal radioactive iodine levels following the Fukushima nuclear plant incident in Japan, these levels are still far below the levels of public health concern and we do not expect harmful levels of radiation in our state. For a full map of detection sites and reports please visit here: (http://www.epa.gov/japan2011/) As explained in an earlier report, taking iodine as a preventive measure is not a wise choice and can cause serious health problems, even though some fear-driven reporting has recommended doing so. Not to … Continue reading

People in the western parts of the US and Canada are snapping up Potassium Iodide pills and solutions, should you??

Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to those affected by Japan’s earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear generating plant crisis. I’m going to give you my assessment of the radiation threat here in Anchorage and try to help–have certainly received many, many calls of the “should I stock up on iodine?” sort. The idea going around is that taking iodine (potassium iodide) can help as a preventative medication against possible radiation fallout. Thing is, you can do more harm than good by taking iodine if you don’t need it. Here’s the data: First of all, iodine in any form will only … Continue reading

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