Appreciation & Gratitude: Thoughts for the New Year

What will guarantee a happy marriage? Or friendship? Or smooth family? Life is dynamic, we grow and change, there is free will. However, a recent study is suggests there might be a key ingredient in the happiest of relationships. Two rules for happy living: Be able to experience anything. Cause only those things which others are able to experience easily. —L.Ron Hubbard Think about it. Hard to do, but if we could? And is there some magic that makes this possible? One of you really wants to talk about a problem and the other one really doesn’t. Sound familiar? Usually … Continue reading

Feel satisfied: Five ways to fill “hedonic hunger”

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Not a “Top Six Hunger-suppressing Foods” post or even a “7 Foods to Control Cravings” post, hunger is the number one reason people fail at dieting so let’s look at another angle on it. One of my client last week asked me why it was so hard to achieve her goals. So we had to take a good hard look at the emotional connection of food as she frowned when I pointed out that while switching to maple syrup is a better choice than cane sugar, continuing to consume an average 34 teaspoons per day is still not healthy yet this … Continue reading

My child can’t behave: 10 tips to handle the food additive connection.

During the 1970s the headlines read: food additives drug children—and result in drugging children, researchers say. But this wasn’t enough to convince health policy or medical professionals, creating a confusion for parents. During the 1980s headlines read: New research shows possible link between food additives and hyperactivity. During the 1990s we put a name on it: Possible ADHD link with food dyes and additives according to new research. And so it goes… Except none of it is “headline” news given Theron Randolf published her observations “Allergy as a causative factor of fatigue, irritability, and behavior problems in children” in the Journal of … Continue reading

My mother has it, me… Genetic? or Familial

dad pushing son at sunset

We love to blame our genes, but do they control us as much as we are told? Probably not. Truly, we are all individual and to a large extent our physical individualities are influenced by our genes but, with rare exception, you can either be in control or be controlled. And those rare exceptions are far fewer than you think. About 1 person in 700-100 has a genetic alteration such as Downs, 1 in 5000 in the US a point mutation like sickle cell anemia, and while there are many common names on the Wikipedia list of “genetic disorders“; household names like … Continue reading

Fuel for Athletic Performance: natural sports drink power.

I originally wrote this as a letter to my son’s football team—teammates and parents asked me why “the second half bust”: fatigue. Truly, this applies to everyone looking to have athletic energy and reduce fat. All those sugary Gatorade drinks and sweet game treats are literally killing athletic performance–and ability to burn fat for fuel. Switch to natural sports drinks and the correct game prep plans. Electrolytes are only part of the story… And the team? Currently #1. Want some help with ideas? Check out this site’s fabulous and “kid-tested” recipes including the now-famous “Football Chicken Satay.” Dear Wolverines, you R-O-C-K! … Continue reading

Treat Mom to a Healthy Brunch!

Us mom’s work really hard to make sure we give our families our best. But where are we going to find the energy for this if we aren’t giving our bodies the genuine building blocks they need, or have way too many environmental stresses dragging us down? Personally, and as a somewhat biased mom, I advocate for Mother’s day about 365 days a year. Fathers day too (I’m not gender biased mind you ;-). And for that matter, children’s day too. I’m only somewhat joking. Shouldn’t every day be a celebration of family? What if every day we found one … Continue reading

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