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If you think no self-respecting weight loss diet would exist without counting calories, weighing yourself daily, and structuring your food and meal plans with precision, think again. But… possibly, you are appropriately dedicated and really want to achieve your weight loss goals. Perhaps somewhere in your Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig past you got into the habit of making lists and calculations… or perhaps it is just satisfying.

Most people on a weight loss diet need to eat more to stably lose weight!

You need to eat more of the right foods.

IMPORTANT: carbohydrates turn to sugar in your body which (unless burned immediately in that marathon you are about to run) is converted to fat for storage. To achieve your weight loss goals, your definition of “sugar” needs to be broadened. Instead of “the sweeteners you add to your food” your sugar definition must be “anything converted to sugar in my body.”

Carbohydrates are sugar.

This is the missing ingredient in almost all weight loss programs.

The Surefire Way to Slow Your Metabolism to a Crawl and Get Fat

To a point, eat less and move more is true.

But some people take it to mean they should eat even less and move even more! By dramatically reducing calorie intake and/or dramatically increasing energy output (getting a trainer, many hours of exercise each week) you will fail. Why?

Because your metabolism adapts to the amount of energy you feed your body. Your body balances energy in with energy burned attempting to maintain balance.

When you severely restrict your calories and feed your body less than it burns, your metabolism slows down. The more you restrict your calories, the faster and more dramatic the slow down.

The truth about weight loss

The opposite is true as well, by the way. As you feed your body more (of the right things) you burn more energy.

And just what is energy stored as? FAT

Want to lose weight? These steps and weight loss calculators will make sure you get the right amounts of proteins and fats:

1. Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) once a week (no more!!) to track your progress.

2. Adjust your carbohydrate target based on your habits and your goals.

3. Adjust your proteins and fats to ensure you get enough energy.

Questions? That’s why I’m here!

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