Truly Probiotic Coconut Yogurt

Coconut milk yogurt great source of probioticsLast week I wrote a kefir recipe that is so unbelievably simple and got me to thinking…

Everyone should add probiotics to their day.

pro-by-who? you say? I know, one of those polysylabic technical words Marie grabbed from her science life…

“pro-” = for, favoring or helping

“biotic” pertaining to life

Why do we want healthy probiotics?

Because most of us have taken antibiotics, doused ourselves in various hidden toxic chemicals, eaten waaaay to much sugar, refined foods and grains, and basically undone our digestive tract in the process. Even if we are no longer doing those things to ourselves, unless we have done something specifically to rebalance our digestive tract we are:

  1. not getting all the nutrients we could from our new (reformed?) eating habits; and,
  2. living with the wrong sorts of bacteria and yeast in our guts

And this can cause all manner of frustration from food allergies, stubborn weight, fatigue, feeling toxic, joint aches, and more…

Commercial yogurt isn’t the answer. It is just another highly-processed pseudo food in a pretty wrapper making false health claims (wow—where did that come from?). If you buy living plain yogurt, I’ll go easier on that statement. But most people don’t, most people buy fruit-flavored or vanilla and those versions are loaded with additional sugar, pasteurized (really?) and preservatized (I love making up words). Not only does commercial low-fat sugar-ful yogurt go right to hips (the sugar) it also fosters the growth of unwanted yeast, bacteria and parasites in your intestines (the sugar—and the fact of the milk coming mostly from grain-fed acidified cows).

And we haven’t even begun to discuss the metabolism-boosting, thyroid balancing and many more benefits of coconut milk and coconut oil. Read my article here.

It is so easy to add probiotics into your life.

Try this tip and trick from my kefir recipe.

Make the kefir exactly as directed using full strength (*not* Lite) Organic Native Forest coconut milk. Don’t dilute it at all, make sure there is plenty of the top, solid coconut cream. (Hint: I warm the canned coconut milk on a heat vent in my home before opening).

When you filter out the kefir grains (to start your next batch) pour the thick kefir into a glass container and put it in the fridge. By the next day, the wonderful coconut fat solids will have thickened it into yogurt.

This is the most wonderful tasting and clean yogurt I have ever had and it is even more simple than the crock pot version. Who wouldn’t want that?


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